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Pramod Goyal


We will continue in making good message oriented films: Pramod Goyal

“Panchlait” a film which revolves around the story of Lamp in a village in Jharkhand will mark the journey of Pramod Kumar Goyal as a Producer who is one of the producers beside Anup Todi and Anil Somani. To experience the process of film making and to support the director of the film Prem Prakash Modi to fulfill his dream we kindly accepted the role of producing this film. Being from the steel industry scion we tried to get into the shoes of producer because we like the concept of the movie which is written by renowned writer Pansiwar Nath Renu says Goyal. In a Tete-e-Tete with Bollywood & TV Reporter Pramod Kumar Goyal talks about his journey as a producer and also about his future plans.


Tell us how you get into the shoes of producer for the film “Panchlait”?

The director of the film Prem Prakash Modi is a family friend. He approached me with a story based on the writing of Phansiwar Nath Renu much loved story Panchlight. Renu was a noted and influential writer of modern Hindi Literature. I liked the story and the way Prem ji narrated me. I suddenly jumped to the conclusion and planned to produce the film. The film is a very clean with a very strong message which can be watched along with family. The film story is such a good that audience will relate themselves it.  In the story they have shown that seven caste people have light but Mahto caste doesn’t have the light facilities. It’s a story of struggle for Petromax lamps.  The people from that village buy a Petromax Lamps so that they can also get the light. The Mahto caste is unaware about the operation of Petromax Lamp only Godan can operate it but the villagers have deserted him from the village because he loves Munri. Now the climax of the story will revolve around whether the villagers resuscitated him back and he is finally getting the love of Munri’s and how he is showing everyone about the operation of Petromax lamps.

Tell us your experience as a Producer?

“Panchlait” is my first experience as a producer. We are iron-steel industrialist dealing in steel and iron operation. Prior to this I have never shown any interest in producing any films. Since the story was penned and adapted from the most renowned writer of fifties Phansiwar Nath Renu ji we thought of producing it. Even the schools from north specially Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh ect carry about the “Panchlait” subject in their syllabus. From the moment Prem narrated us the whole story and his ambition of getting this film on the screen we supported him in his endeavours and shown faith in him. I knew that this movie will spread a very good message among the masses. We would love to produce more films if the subject fascinates us but as of now this is our first experience as a producer which is very good. We enjoyed the making of this film.

Do you think that this type of movie work at the box office without any presence of big stars?

According to me today content is the king. Even though we are totally new in the field of producing movies we know that if I am investing in a subject oriented film with good message than I will be satisfied at the end of the day. Now the audience is accepting the good movie with good message. I know that it not so important to have the big star cast in movie to make it hit. In recent past you would have seen big films with well-known star cast getting bombed at the box office while small budget film like Shubh Mangal Savdhan, Bariely Ki Barfi and Newton did well. The actors in “Panchlait” are very good and they all are versatile actors. Through their performance they can make audience to watch the films.

What are the future plans?

We have immense faith in our director Mr Prem Prakash Modi who is our guide in this entertainment world. He has good knowledge of culture and  We will also be interested in producing few more films but with terms that if we get some good message oriented films which will be valuable for the masses and society.

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