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My Friends Dulhania actor Mudasir Zafar

Mudasir Zafar who is born and brought up in Jammu and Kashmir studied in acting at whistlingwoodsinstitute  is a young lad who is being introduced in this film My Friends Dulhania which is being  release on 15th December all over. In a candid conversation  with Bollywood Tv Reporter.
Exerpts: Please tell us about you and how did you get  this film ?
I am a adventure person who has big dreams and its difficult for me to be satisfied at one place and at one Job Beside, my studies in J &K state,  I was also playing state level cricket in my college, there after I moved to banglore where I completed my law studies and came to Mumbai to capture Glamour world and joined Subhash Ghai’s acting institute whistlingwoods. After passing out  I got a film of kin ship-productions film “Gender Blender” which is a fun film and is still under production starring Om Puri, Alok Nath , Upasana Singh and Me in a lead role.I have another passion of writing  fortunately I wrote a story of this film and was pitching it with various production houses when I got in touch with shri O.P Rai Saheb who was looking for a project to start , after his last film which Love Phir Kabhi fortunately he liked the concept of the film and the result is in front of you in the shape of this film My Friends Dulhania.

You are writer and actor of the film ?

Ans: very true and now after doing this film with our respectable Shri O.P Rai Saheb I am Hero to writer to production man who has taken care of each and every department and like a family man of our producer.

So what is the concept of the film ?


This story is of four friends and it can be also called as a romantic love story which is very different than other stories. This movie is the story of a couple Aryan and Mahira, who got separated due to career and higher studies. Aryan had faith in his love but Mahira left him and cut all her connections with him. This incident breaks his heart. After 2 years he got a phone call from his college friends, Harsh and Sneha to invite him in the marriage ceremony of one of their friend Sajad.After reaching at the marriage venue, Bhaderwah, Jammu and Kashmir], when everyone was insisting Sajad to show the bride’s picture, Aryan got speechless as it was the picture of Mahira. The two will meet again is the gist of the film.

How many days the film was completed and where it was shot ?

The first schedule of 12 days was at Badrawha in J&K state ,second  schedule was in Mumbai for a couple of day at film city and whistlingwoods institute and third schedule was at Kashmir and the final concluding schedule was at Delhi and the was completed in 24 days.

Are you nervous as its your first releasing film ?
No we have made this film with confidence and are sure youth will identify our films characters with them in we are sure all film will do best at the box office Insaallah.

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