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Exclusive : Prashamit  chaudhury 

After doing his study in Shillong(Assam) did direction course from whistlingwoods join UTV and did various advertising  films and did writing work in two years and left for  better future and starting working as independent writer director candid conversation with Bollywood Tv Reporter.

Exerpts: how did you get  this film?

My friend Mudasir Zafar call me one day that he has written a romantic love story which he have already pitched with our producer O.P Rai Saheb and soon came  to know he have okayed  the project and he work started  and as Mudasar to wanted me to write this film’s screenplay with him which I okayed at decided writing of this film and started recording the music of this film and simulteniously we signed the star cast Mudasir Zafar, Shaina Baweja, Saurabbh Roy, Mayur Mehta, Pooja Rathi, Atique Mujawar and Farheen Siddique e.t.c.

Being your first film did you have any difficult time?

We had a fantastic crew and the star cast of our film everyone was very cooperative and we enjoyed our work at the location.

Please tell us usp of the film ?

Ans : there are many highlight points of our film that like concept of  story  ,music ,performance of our actors and  locations in J & K in Badrawha they are going to be treat to watch an it true saying if if any one  want to see in heaven  on the earth that is only in Kashmir and last Youth will identify themself with this film.

What was your experience?

My experience  of working in this unit is very good everyone was very  hard to  prove himself that we can do the best and I have practically lots of thing which are essential I have learnt lots of thing in practical from location to ,actors to , crew members to all how well to extract best out of them as a caption of the ship. I am very happy with the outcome of the film which is made limited resources. We have soon all the songs of over film to our Guru Sri Subhas Ghai Ji from we were learnt every thing.

How many days you shot  this film and what was the budget of it?
We shot our film in 24 days only and shot four different loacation Badarwah and Kashmir, Mumbai and Delhi and this film was very economical made film with the total crew members of 25 people and we had taken mostly people specialy mention of choreographer all from whistlingwoods

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