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Kala Niketan Entertainment is a Delhi-based production house helmed by father-son duo Mr. OP Rai and Alok Rai. In 2012, this banner made its debut with “Laat Sahab, a Haryanvi film followed by “Katto” both starring the very popular North Indian actor Uttar Kumar. “My Friend’s Dulhania”, a romantic drama of young lovers is the third production starring Mudasir Zafar, Shaina Baweja, Saura bh Roy and Farheen Siddique and  e.t.c. Experts from the conversation with the director and producer Alok Rai and Mr. OP Rai

Please tell us more about your film “My Friend’s Dulhania”

This film is a romantic love story catering to youth. We have shot 80% of the film in Jammu & Kashmir as the boy whose marriage is going to take place hails from there. We were privileged to have maximum technicians from Subhash Ghaiji’s institute Whistling Woods as they were thoroughly trained and passionate. I believe this film’s heart touching story will surely appeal the youth. In a set of friends, we see this couple breakup after college to build careers. It is after few years that at a common friend’s wedding celebration, these three friends are enjoying the reunion. Soon the real fun starts when they come to know who the bride is and the events that unfold afterwards will be the highlight of the film My Friend’s Dulhania.

How do you manage your regular business efficiently along with ongoing projects in entertainment industry?

I feel everywhere we see people multi task in these times. I also take inspiration from Modiji that at his age he is doing so much for our country. I feel with time management and the right attitude one can accomplish all the tasks in hand. It also depends on how involved you are.

How do you handle the various aspect of the film altogether from making to distribution

I feel distribution is very important aspect of film making. I have been involved in distribution though at partnership level. However in the making process, we have different technicians from all the departments supporting the process. Over all, everything becomes stress free if you build a good team. That is the reason I also encourage young talents as they are well versed with times. No doubt there is a craze for showbiz in their minds but I feel if you channelize that correctly from the business view point then the process of film making becomes enjoyable.    

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