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I have said this before but it has hardly had any effect, but I will continue my crusade for time. In all my years, the only man in the industry I have seen who has all the respect for time is Amitabh Bachchan, now better known as the Big B. I have attended and arranged countless events and functions involving him but not once has he ever been late. If an invitation says 10 am, he is always there a few minutes before 10 am. There have been several times when he has arrived at events even before the hosts can and he has never left in a huff or has had any kind of ego problem once he has accepted an invitation. He has sat in his car waiting for his hosts and I have even seen him watering plants in the studios where he had to wait for the people who were to arrive.
I tell this story with a purpose. The invitation for the SRK event said it would start at 11.15 am but the main event would start at 12 pm but nothing but nothing happened till it was past 2 pm. Even the media took their own time perhaps knowing that nothing would start in time.

It was past lunch time and nearing tea time when the event just about took off with the security at the PVR being on the alert and being very strict even when no one of any importance had arrived. They were perhaps at their impressive best because the PVR Icon had just opened after a long spell of renovation.
The auditorium which was thronged by men and women who had just started their lives had all their eyes at the entrance and their eyes gleamed even before they could see SRK. I kept looking at the wrist watches of younger people who had no time to look at the time and realized that I had forgotten to take my medicines, forget my lunch. I am aware that the younger brigade may feel that I am making a mountain of a mole hill, but I will because there is some power called time and it has to be respected.
I know SRK had the courtesy to apologise for being late and said he was down with fever, but the good SRK could have sent a message saying that he would be late and that would lessen the anxiety and tension at least for people of my era, the Amitabh Bachchan era when time was all important and still is and that is why time is kind to all those who respect time, especially a man like Amitabh Bachchan.
When or ever can everyone have the same respect for time that Amitabh has and has made people like me try to follow him knowing well that these are times when time doesn’t really matter, unfortunately.

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