• Oct 14, 2016
    • 4:20 PM

    BANNER: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Films India
    PRODUCER: Manindra Jain, Shobhit Kumar, Shekhar Kumar, Uddipt Jain, Aniruddha Gaikar, etc.
    DIRECTOR: Shashank Udapurkar
    CAST: Shashank Udapurkar, Tanishaa Mukerji, Govind Namdeo, Rajit Kapur, Sharat Saxena, Kishor Kadam

    STORY: As the name suggests itself, the film is a biographical drama based on the life of Indian social activist Kisan Baburao Anna Hazare. The film throws light on his efforts for urging the government to pass the Jan Lokpal bill in 2011.

    The struggle of Anna Hazare makes for an ideal feature film. The first half gives an insight into the lesser known side of the lead character. The honesty and sincerity of the director is visible. But despite being made with a lot of honesty, the presentation is a bit out-dated. The screenplay is not linear as incidents are repetitive in the second half. In an attempt to cover all important moments from Anna Hazare's life and wrap the film in two hours and thirty minutes, the director fails to establish any sort of emotional connect. The plot is unnecessarily dragged in the second half.

    As opposed to the hype around other recent biopics, director Shashank Udapurkar has failed to generate the right amount of pre-release buzz.

    At the box-office, the film may not draw much audience.