• August 26, 2016
    • 7:40 PM
    FEROZ KHAN `The man who defined style with panache

    Feroz Khan did not walk, he swaggered. No wan smile for him. This red-blooded man preferred to win women with a cheesy grin that reached his crinkling eyes. He left his shirt unbuttoned to reveal a brawny chest and sported tight fitting trousers. A cigarette dangled from his lips, a femme fatale hung on his arm and a horse waited for his bidding. He spoke with an American twang. For his flamboyant style, with cowboyish swagger and cigar toting persona which revolutionised the style quotient of the otherwise conventional Filmy hero, he is known as the Clint Eastwood of the East and a style icon in the industry. Let's get know what his numbers speak. . .
    Born on 25 September 1939; a fate number 7 (2+5) and destiny number 11/2 (2+5+9+1+9+3+9) native.

    7 is influenced by Neptune making one extremely independent and imaginative. One is kind-hearted, gushy and romantic. Is highly impressionable and has strong intuitions. One achieves incredible success in creative fields. Love of change makes one travel extensively to far-off lands, which is gainful.

    11/2 carries enigma and charisma to be inspirational and illumining to people. The innate magnetism makes the air hum. It is something intangible which is put across and it quivers and twangs like a sitar or an arrow.

    Number 7 gels amazingly well with numbers 1, 6 and 9 as we'll see. . .

    After his schooling in Bangalore, he travelled to Mumbai where he made his debut as second lead in DIDI adding to 10 (1) in 1960 (7). Through the early 1960s and 1970s, he made low-budget thrillers opposite starlets. His first big hit was OONCHE LOG adding to 45 (9) where he gave a notable sensitive performance in 27th (9) year, he played a sacrificing lover in the mushy musical hit ARZOO (24). With this, Khan earned his entry into A-list second leads. With the film AADMI AUR INSAAN (36) in 1969 (7), Khan won his first Filmfare award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. His other hits were KHOTEY SIKKAY (34), GEETA MERA NAAM (42), PYASI SHAM (27), SHANKAR SHAMBHU (45), SAFAR (15) UPAASNA (25), NAGIN (15) et al.

    He turned into a successful producer and director in 1971 (9) so as to improve his career opportunities as a leading man with his first directorial film APRADH adding to 21, vibrates averagely with him was the first Indian movie showing auto racing in Germany. But it was 1975's flick DHARAMATMA adding to 27, in his 36th (9) year as well personal year 11/2 (2+5+9+1+9+7+5) which took him to new heights in his career as it was his first blockbuster movie.

    Throughout the late 1970s and 1980s, he was a leading Bollywood star, then came 1980 (9) film QURBANI adding to 18 (9), the biggest hit of his career in his personal year 7 (2+5+9+1+9+8+0) in sync. Its direction, urban setting, music foreign locales as well as upmarket images made it stand out. Followed by 1986s (6) JAANBAAZ (19), a box-office hit consider to be one of his best movies by some and average hit DAYAVAN (19) in his 50th (5) year; a glitch, followed by disaster YALGAAR (12) not in sync; he was running in his pinnacle `4 after 52 i.e. 1991 which signifies hardships and frustrations.

    He launched his son Fardeen Khan's career with PREM AGGAN adding to 32 (5) not in sync, it was a box-office mischance. In 2003 (5), he made his acting comeback as well as produced and directed JANASHEEN (31) not in sync, washed out at ticket window. He made his last film appearance in WELCOME adding to 33 (6) in 2007 (9) in sync, it was a block-buster of the year. Khan died on 27 April 2009; 2+0+0+9=11 and in his 70th (7) year. Feroz Khan was ahead of his time in terms of unmatchable style and glamour, which reflected in his movies and music. His movies like Qurbani and Dharamatma are cult favourites' in Hindi cinema.

    Krish Malik
    Astrologer & Numerologist
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