• May 1, 2017
    • 4:20 PM

    The issue of water conservation will be highlighted by four critically acclaimed directors -- Imtiaz Ali, Hansal Mehta, Aniruddha Roy Chaudhary and Madhur Bhandarkar -- through short films. Imtiaz, Mehta, Chowdhury and Bhandarkar have come together to bring out the key message through everyday stories of India through four different short films for a television channel as part of Mission Blue campaign. Mehta said his son Jay is making his debut as a director with the movie titled "Paani Path" and he played the mentor to him. "As filmmakers we need to have stories that are engaging. When this opportunity (of short film on water conservation) came to me I was keen on doing it but I had many stories and time commitment was a problem," he told reporters here. "My son came up with multiple stories. I asked him if he wants to direct it. It's a very impactful story. He (the son) has great level of awareness (on water conservation) and wants to bring it to the world, so I am thankful for this opportunity," he added. While Imtiaz, who has directed "Paani Panchayat", said he has a personal connect with this cause as his father has spend his life working on water irrigation projects in rural India. "I have seen him working in villages and remote places. I was brought up realizing how important is water in life. I have seen and heard stories of water and I couldn't miss this opportunity."