• April 17, 2017
    • 5:20 PM

    "I have tremendous respect for the profession of journalism"

    It seems Sonakshi Sinha is on the spree of doing women-centric films. After receiving rave reviews for her terrific performance in the AR Murugadoss directorial 'Akira' followed up by 'Force 2', the talented actress is all set to play another powerful, female-centric character Noor in her forthcoming film 'Noor'. Scheduled to arrive in cinemas on 21st April, the film will see Sonakshi as a journalist. Directed by Sunhil Sippy, 'Noor' is based on Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz's novel Karachi, You're Killing Me! In an interaction with media, the gorgeous actress talks about her role in the movie, preparations she underwent to pull off the character and how the film has changed her perception about the profession of journalism. Excerpts...

    Tell us something about your character in the movie, Noor?
    Noor is one such journalist who never gets an opportunity to do the kind of stories she wants to do. She fights for her stories. Like all of you have come here to interview Sonakshi Sinha, she does not want to go to Filmcity to interview any celebrity. She wants to report about workers' salary and how many people lost their lives on railway tracks. She wants to do real kind of stories, you know. She wants to report about her city, Mumbai, the city which she really loves. So, she wants to report about all of that. She struggles to get those stories to the forefront. Honestly speaking, whatever knowledge of journalism I have applied here in this film is gained from you people only. So, thank you for being my teacher for this film, as it really, really helped interacting with you guys.

    How did you prepare for your role in the film?
    Honestly speaking, as I said, I have learnt everything from you people (journalists). I have had interacted with you all at so many occasions in last few years. I had to apply all of that.

    How this film has changed your perception about the profession of journalism?
    My perception is still what it was before. I have tremendous respect for you all. To be a journalist is not an easy job. I have seen how you people work, how you fight for a story and progress in career. I really, really respect that. So, hats off to you all. Noor is also one of you. You are really going to enjoy the film.

    We have seen a lot of celebs who do not like to hear certain kind of questions. As an actress, what kind of questions you don't like to be asked by a journalist?
    I think what happens most of the times is that the hard work people put into the making of a film is not seen on the screen so often. We just get a visual treat after watching a film, but what goes into creating that stays unseen. I would really like to know about that. As an artist I want people should know that what kind of hardships go into making a film.

    There is this recreated version of the classic song 'Gulaabi Aankhen' in your film. Recently, we have seen an upsurge in the number of songs which are being recreated. Almost every second film is using a reprised version of an old, hit song. How do you see this?
    It's true that somebody from the slightly older generation would have a very, very special connect to those songs, but people from our generation, younger than us, and kids of today have not heard these songs. So, all are doing is repackaging them and giving it to them in a way that they understand them in a way that they like. It's a great idea. I have thoroughly enjoyed every remake that we have had of a classic song in last one of two years.

    You have crooned a few songs in the past. Will we see Sonakshi Sinha, the singer, more in near future?
    Yeah, sure! I am very fond of singing. I really, really want to do something in that direction as well. I have sung some portion in the song 'Move Your Luck, which is there in 'Noor'. I am also working on my next single, so maybe you will get to hear that also very soon in the near future.