• Mannan Shah

    • April 17, 2017
    • 5:40 PM

    "My mother was the person who recognized the music in me:

    Mannan Shah is an emerging music composer who has already wooed the listeners with his energetic and soulful music in commercially successful films like 'Commando' (2013) and 'Commando 2' (2016). After having assisted famed music director Pritam Chakraborty on over 35 films, the young lad bagged a chance to go solo and impressed everyone with his first outing itself. In a candid chat with Bollywood &TV Reporter, Mohnish Singh, the music composer talks enthusiastically about his experiences and journey in the music industry.

    Tell us something about yourself and your background.
    My father is an educational publisher who is into State Board which includes Mumbai University, and my mother is a housewife. I have been into music since the age of 5 and have been learning classical music for more than 25 years. Late Pandit Vinayak Vora has been one of my mentors for 11 years. I assisted Mr. Pritam for 2 years on 35 films before 'Commando' happened.

    Was this career always on your mind?
    There was no career I could ever think of. Since childhood I am only into music. I have been singing, playing instruments and composing songs. When you are creatively involved into it, it's tough to choose any other profession. My parents have been very supportive of my career right from the beginning. My mother was the person who recognized the music in me.

    What kind of struggle did you have to go through while you were to embark on your musical journey?
    I wouldn't say it as struggle; I would put it as a journey. Music is something that comes out of one's heart and soul. So far I feel it has been a great journey.

    When did you feel that you were confident enough to compose individually?
    Pritam sir was the driving force behind everything. While I was assisting him, I used to randomly compose music and sing a few scratches for him and he used to really like it. In a film 'Kuch Love Jaisa' produced by Vipul Shah, I sung the songs which were composed by Pritam.

    Since you assisted Pritam for 2 years, how much has he influenced you?
    He has promoted me. But he never questioned my abilities. It's all about making your own space. His tips have helped me go through a long way. He always wanted me to prove my individuality. I get inspired in a way that I create my own stuff. He has so far been the biggest inspiration.

    Whom are you looking forward to work with in future?
    I would like to work with a lot of people. I already have a few films in pipeline after 'Commando 2'.

    There are two ways of composing music, one is where you compose the music and the lyricist writes the song and vice-versa. Which one fits your comfort zone?
    It depends. Composing a melody and then writing lyrics on it is the pattern which is being followed for generations together. To be precise it has been brought to implementation since the early 60's. But there have been certain songs that have been written first and then composed. It was in 2007 that I was attending the music sessions of the film 'Namastey London' that was the time when Javed Akhtar used to meet at Himesh Reshammaiya at his house. 'Main Jahan Rahoon' was the song which was partially written first and then composed by Himesh. I really found the whole process very interesting.

    You started off with your singing debut under Vipul Shah. When did you meet him for the first time?
    I had met him during 'Action Replayy' and a new song was about to be composed 'Tera Mera Pyaar' which was sung by Karthik and the scratch was sung by me. And after listening to the song, he extremely liked it. That's how 'Kuch Love Jaisa' happened. He is one of those producers who has tremendous sense of music.

    What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
    I feel that I am capable of doing whatever comes me and I am open to everything. There are very few weaknesses as such. I take a lot of time doing things.