• April 14, 2017
    • 4:20PM

    BANNER: Jay Shree Ram Creations
    PRODUCER: Ashok Goswami
    DIRECTOR: Aditya Kumar
    CAST: Aradhya Taing, Rishi Verma, Vije Bhatia

    STORY: The story of the film revolves around a couple who gets caught in the crossfire of political rivalry and gang wars, where they are prepared to fight the odds in order to protect their relationship.

    The story of the film is done to death. In absence of any novelty factor, the audience is expected to stay away from the film. There is no known face in it which could draw the audience. All the actors have put up an extremely average performance. Direction of the film is also weak and so is music. The film is releasing in limited screens without any promotion and publicity and hence it has received zero occupancy across all territories. It is expected to go out of cinemas after a couple of shows only.

    At the box office, the film has no takers.