• May 27, 2017
    • 3:05 PM

    BANNER: Imran Khans Production
    PRODUCER: Imran Khan
    DIRECTOR: Imran Khan
    CAST: Imran Khan, Farida Jalal, Alok Nath, Tom Alter, Shahbaz Khan, Inderneil Sengupta, etc.

    STORY: The story of the film revolves around two boys from Mumbai (Inderneil Sengupta and Hasan Zaidi). It is also about a European photographer who is in search of solace and travels to the valley for her PhD on its history. All the three stories intertwine to make them realize that 'Kashmir is Not for Terrorists, it's for Tourist'.

    Made with good intention with the full support of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank and the Department of Tourism, 'Sargoshiyan' is produced and directed by noted actor Imran Khan. There is no doubt that the film has its heart in the right place, but what does not work in its favor is a bland and unimaginative story. The film is slow paced and hence will not attract the youth who wants to watch 'Fast & Furious' kind of cinema with a dose of high entertainment. If we talk about the performances of actors, they have tried their best to pull of their characters. The cinematographer of the film has successfully captured the beauty of Kashmir. The film looks beautiful because of its locations.

    Releasing without any promotions and prerelease buzz, 'Sargoshiyan' will find it very tough to survive at the ticket window. Released just across 500 screens and that too majorly in single screens, the film targets a niche audience and hence has limited appeal. 'Sargoshiyan' has the first Bollywood film to be premiered in Srinagar, but that is not the only feat a film wants to achieve. As far as recovering money is concerned, it will be extremely difficult for the film to make money.

    At the box office, the film may find some audience in the J&K region.