What made you take up the role in ‘Bharat’?
Though I was very busy in television ,Salman ,Atul Agnihotri andAlvira Agnihotri were very persistent that I take up this role which is a very comic role and since I had been off screen for long I decided to take up this role and I was happy that I could do this role.
What is your role all about?
I am playing a lawyer who is Salman’s brother in law and one who save Salman’s shop from being demolished to be a mall.
How was it like working on the film?
It was great, the cast was good, the director was talented and the comic lines that they gave to me were also fantastic. I had great fun while shooting this film.
From ‘Hum Log’to ‘Bharat’ , how has your journey been?
It has been good. I debuted in Hindi films with the successful Rama O Rama and went on to star in eight more Hindi films and later turned to television where I am doing an iconic television show ‘Bhabhiji Ghar
Pe Hain’ which has had a long run.
What do you prefer, Films or television?
Films are of course the best because they remain  in public memory for long but television today offers good money and visibility but is very stressful while shooting a daily show.

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