Anupam Kher Is An Astounding Actor.

Now with the movie – The accidental Prime minister , he is again going to introduce his audience with amazing performance as Prime minister

  1. Q) People are raising controversy over the movie , what is your reaction ?
  2. A) People even criticise Sachin Tendulkar. Although , it’s upsetting but still we have to live with it . And somewhere , if controversy wasn’t aroused you must be not asking this question. So for sure , its helping us in publicity.

Q)How much this character was challenging ?

  1. A) Portraying Manmohan Singh character was the tougher job . But am privileged I got the chance . Manmohan Singh is not a very expressive person. You have never seen him laughing loudly. You have never seen him angry. His face is the same, whether he is expressing hurt, anger, disgust, pleasure or happiness.

Q)So how you managed to justify this role ?

  1. A) A regular practise makes people perfect . This was only possible by the fine practise . I used to focus on each and every aspect . Didn’t used cell phone even for hour’s .
  2. Q) People were not able to trace Anupam kher, what you want to say over this ?

A)when I was doing this film . I already had the experience of 515 films and yet people were not able to trace Anupam kher into the character . Is real reward for acting . And a biggest achievement for an actor .

  1. Q) How you will express your feeling about the film ?

A)To be honest . This is the film . I will be always proud . And most appreciating thing is we followed all the protocols in movie being such a sensitive issue. None of the scene got censored. Gives optimistic feeling and happiness about the work .

Q)What you want to say on the ban of film in few states ?

  1. A) Padmavat was also banned in three states . Still it was a Super hit . So, We will not comment on ban over film.
  2. Q) A moment which would you like to share with us from the set ?
  3. A) We were shooting in a remote area in England and I became the prime minister for the duration. I told everyone to call me Mr. Prime Minister. The nameplate outside my makeup room read Prime Minister of India. I had audio tapes of Mr. Singh playing constantly in my ears is a most recalling moment .
  4. Q) To whom you would like to give the credit ?
  5. A) I think a lot of credit goes to my makeup and hair team, the wardrobe team and to my own training of being a student of drama,” he says.

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