‘‘Battalion 609 is my dedication to the Indian Army’’ -BRIJESH TRIPATHI

Brijesh Tripathi credits his success to Anil Kapoor who is a messiah for him because the actor helped him in choosing the films. He only introduced him to Rajkumar Santoshi and later many others shaped up this director career. In a tete-e-tete with Bollywood & TV Reporter the director talks about his journey and also about his turning point in life through this film.
Tell us more about the film?
The movie is close to my heart and I believe will be close to any Indian’s heart, our soldiers are doing so much for us and are risking their lives so that we can stay safe, my this movie is a dedication to the Indian Army and their families who support these heroes to provide selfless service to our country.
Inform us how did you convince Narandas Lalwani for the film?
I was knowing that Naraindas Lalwani a well-known business from Dubai and being an NRI he has a lot of respect for our country India. And I was also aware that he is planning a story based on the Indian defence forces. I was already having the script and I was in search of producers and financers who can take my vision ahead, but no one came forward. I met Naraindas Ji and understood from him that what type of patriotic film he is thinking about. Taking the opportunity I narrated the story which I had written long back and it was liked by him. He gave me the green signal to also direct it and thus in this way I convinced him to produce the film.
Brief us about the title of the film and how did you get it?
This is thing that has a historic touch to it. My producer was forcing me once to accompany him to the border but I refused it initially but later I realized that I was disrespecting him because he insisted me to do so saying that I will learn a lot. When I made my mind to go along with him what I found was very exciting for me. I saw a board which had a post were 609 was written on it. So for a while I was like this is it and in this way I got the title of my film.
What is your expectation from this film?
I never keep any expectations. For me what is more important is that I should give my 100 percent to give something unique and also a message oriented film to the audience which I have done during the making of this film. And the reason I know that audience will definitely come to theatres to watch my patriotic film.



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