Before the Release of Uri we spoke to Vicky Kaushal. His talent is appreciated in industry. Who is already acknowledged as a Good actor.

Q ) What was the experience while shooting for URI ?

  1. A) It was a great experience , which I can’t express in word’s .When we wear an uniform , its not just an attire . But a pride feeling . Which brings lots of responsibilities .

Q ) How you got this film ?

A ) Script came from RSVP . I was just told to read the script. And script was so well researched. So, when I was told I will be playing this role . It was great honour for me . At that time , I didn’t thought as an actor but as a citizen .

Q ) 26/11 boiled blood of every citizen . What is your take on it ?

  1. A) Yes I agree . Our country is a peace loving country . Where we do not instigate anyone . But at the same time if anyone dare to do harm us , mind you retaliation is our birth right and that was proved by our government by doing this surgical strike .
  2. Q) Daring of a defence forces entering foreign land makes common man feel pride ?
  3. A) Yes , there was lots of excitement while performing the entering foreign land And keeping in mind the protocols and many other limitations. And how operation was full of secrecy. But am sure audience will like it and that is our real satisfaction .

Q ) Will this film influence youngster’s to join Defence ?

  1. A) Yes these kind of genre would influence the youngster’s for joining Defence . New blood would become patriotic .

Q )Something which you would like to share regarding movie?

  1. A) While I was reading the script . I was impressed about the working strategy . I was like I must call to writers and ask is this actually happened . I am too full of patriotic feeling .

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