CFBC denies certification to film tittle #Metoo

The film that is being directed by Harsh Warrdhan will be a 110-minute indie film about a young woman being kidnapped and sexually assaulted in a moving car. #Metoo stars National Award-winning actor Ritika Singh and was shot in Haryana for over a month. The makers of the film applied for a CFBC certificate in October last year. CBFC hasn’t cleared the film yet, Warrdhan and the movie’s producers have filed a petition against the CBFC at the Delhi High Court on March 6. Speaking about the matter, their lawyer who is addressing the issue states; In the petition we are arguing that the cuts/modifications that have been ordered by CBFC are serious encroachment of the right to speech and expression guaranteed by the Constitution of India. Board has missed the central theme of the film. Film deals with a highly sensitive issue and any tampering with respect to the scenes can cripple the narrative.” Warrdhan has applied for an adult certification considering the strong language and topic of the film yet the certificate didn’t come through. Hence the matter is now forwarded to Revising Committe – which is the next layer of censorship process.

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