We are the film industry and entertaining people and making money by hook or by crook is our right. Cinema art survives on moolah and thus it must be made even if it means portrayal of sexually and socially deviant behavior as the heroic expression of the deep-seated rebellious urge to be free from all fetters.
A rebel with our without a cause is always attractive to younger audiences and since majority of India consists of young people they can be easily hooked by the celebration of obsessive, impulsive, and violent characters on big wide screen. Add a few doses of sex and erotica and the potion gets more potent.
‘Cinema’ is the Bible, Geeta, and Quran for the ‘lose-control’ generation. Unlike in the past when you had to buy a ticket to watch a film or its trailer, the youth of today don’t have to go to the nearest theater to access their quota of audio-visual stimulants. They get it on a platter right in front of them like the cocaine lines all waiting to be consumed to experience new highs.
We are not teaching and preaching morality here. The Film and TV industry by nature is immoral. If it gets an opportunity to freely peddle child pornography and extreme content, it will do so without any qualms and probably with great gusto.
In fact, with the advent of the digital age of cinema, it has begun to happen. The floodgates are opened. The burgeoning number of You Tube channels have unshackled the long suppressed scatological and libidinal impulses of new-age screen and dialogue writers and filmmakers who are going all out to showcase their prurient proclivities with vengeance.
The volcano has suddenly come alive and exploded and the hot lava is spreading very fast and wide.
What we are doing here is stating the obvious and raising a pertinent question. Should we mainstream obsessive, impulsive, and sexually and socially deviant behavior and does such mainstreaming amounts to its tacit approval?
The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB) has recently RE-ISSUED its 2012 advisory to TV channels that requests them not to make little kids perform to the sexually suggestive song and dance numbers in their reality shows. The liberal brigade may call it a transgression and an attempt to muzzle creative expression.
The TV channels may also follow the advisory since they depend on MIB and the Government of India (GOI) for their broadcasting licenses. However, can MIB enforce such an advisory on Internet channels? Though it has the means to do so, it obviously cannot and will not since it does not have the guts and gumption to deal with the uproar and outrage in the media and in sundry TV News Rooms with ultra-liberal news TV anchors and panelists indulging in clamoring and berating GOI for curtailing the freedom of expression and creating an ‘Emergency’ like situation. Nothing puts the Modi government more on the back-foot than the mention of terms like ‘emergency’, ‘dictator’, and ‘intolerance’.
Notwithstanding such ‘self-censoring’ advisory of MIB, certain questions need to be answered. Can we, as an industry, and as a part of society, treat obsessive, impulsive, and sexually and socially deviant behavior as mainstream and put our stamp of approval on it by its ‘heroic’ portrayal in our work? In case we choose to do so, are we aware of the consequences thereof and where will this ‘lose control’ roller coaster ride end?

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