‘‘I waited patiently for a good script’’ -Shoaib Ibrahim

Coming Friday on 11th January, 2019 there will be two movies in the theatres with a same subject about Uri attack, but the Battalion 609 actor Shoaib Ibrahim is very much confident and think that his movie will succeed in winning the heart of the audience. The actor after a successful stint in television waited for good script to come in his way and when Brijesh Tripathi narrated him the story of “Batallion 609” he was bowled over the script and instantly got ready tobe the part of the film. In a conversation with Bollywood & TV reporter the actor talks about his film.
You are debuting with “Battalion 609” so tell us about your feeling?
Being a first film I am very much nervous and on the other hand also excited about it. While shooting for the film we all the cast enjoyed it and because of it we were able to give our best. I am sure and my intuition also says that the audience will definitely like the movie the way we liked each and every scene during the shoot.
Share your experience working with Brijesh Tripathi?
I shared a very good rapport with Brijesh ji during the shoot. I liked his way of treating his actors and also his vision of being focus on the task which is at hand. I can also say that he gave us freedom to come up with creative ideas which can be very useful during the shoot of the film. He kkeep motivating all the time which kept the energy of all the cast high and also gave us the boost to do something more.
Your film is clashing with “Uri” on 11th Jan so do you think it will be a threat for you?
As an actor I should never take other film as a threat. I know that the subject of “Uri” and our film is on Uri attack but our film is different in the sense that we fuse cricket with battle. And both the film will be having their own audience so according to me the film will be judged by the content and I am fully aware that our film content is really very good.
What is your expectation from the film?
The best thing about me is that I never keep any big expectations, but if we as a team have done a good job than we will definitely want the audience to come in the theatres and watch our film. They should not judge the film on the basis of big star presence. I am sure that our film Battalion 609 without any big star presence will be able to leave the mark and will also be able to win the hearts of the audience.
Let us know about your future plans?
I will be looking forward to do more films but the subject should be very unique and good. I will not just randomly select the movie just for the sake of it. I will also keep on improving my skills. I will also do television if I will get good roles and also I am a game for the web series and short films too.


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