‘’I was always interested in making film on our Indian Armies” -NARAINDAS LALWANI

In 1988, Naraindas went to UAE for some business related things. In 2002, he started participating actively in Indian events being held in UAE. He has a lot of respect for Indian defence forces. So I thought to do something for country as well as Indian defence forces. Thus he started researching on defence stories in 2014. In the end of 2016 story on defence forces was narrated to him by Brijesh Tripathi the director of Battalion 609 and it really made him so involved that he decided to produce the film. In a conversation with Bollywood & TV Reporter he talks about his love for cinema and the journey in the industry.
Tell us that how you ventured into film industry?
Even while pursuing my business in Dubai I was very much attracted towards the film industry. But what I was searching for was not easily available to me. I loved the Indian army and wanted to make a patriotic film. So my excitement and energy motivated me to venture into film industry.
How you came on board of Battalion 609?
It is an interesting story. I wanted to make a patrotic film and from some source Brijesh Tripathi came to know about it. He came to meet me and shown me the script which was based on patriotic subject and I liked the story so much hearing it for the first time that I jumped on my seat and asked him to go ahead and also be the director of film. I got ready to produce so in this way I came on board of the film.
Inform us how the team was chosen?
I am a passionate person and I give 100 percent in whatever work I do. If someone impresses me by his sincerity, honesty and dedication towards work than I definitely get myself associated with them. I never ever see to it that how much work the person who are with me has done in past but I just see that how much focus he can remain working with me. So I can say that I chose my team very nicely and I am very happy that I got a very good team for the film.
Tell us where the film was shot?
The film was shot in Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai and it was done in five different locations just to get the feel and also make the film a grandeur attempt.
What’s your expectation from the audience?
I would like the audience to go and watch this film in the theatres bbecause we have tried to present the reality and also show something patriotic to the cinegoers that how our defence forces risk their life for the benefits of the people in the country.
Is there plan to make more films in future?
Let first this film finally release in the theatres. It took a very long time for release but if this film will do wonder at the box-office than I will definitely think of producing more films.
Expressing his excitement Producer Naraindas Lalwani says, “The Surgical Strikes were widely spoken about globally and as a Producer this is my maiden project, hence depicting the same in a meaningful cinematic way is important for not only me and the team of Battalion 609 but important for all of us in India to be aware of.”


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