The man has been donating money to individuals, institutions and hospitals, besides various social and national causes. There is no big hospitals in Mumbai where he have not helped patients who couldn’t effort to pay. He has been doing this for more than 30 years, but he has always had the condition that his donation and other ways of being of help are not made public or played up in the media. There are hospitals in Mumbai who have  names of donor mentioned prominently at the entrance or in places which are most notice, but Amitabh has made it a point to tell the hospitals not to mention his name anywhere, even in cases where he has paid up the entire bills of patients.

He has been talking about the plight of farmers for quite some time, but what he did in last week was something that could not be kept away from the media or any other source or even the government. It is a well-known fact by now about how he helped 1,398 farmers from Uttar Pradesh by paying off their loan in a One Time Settlement. It was a major gesture on the part of any individual and a greater effort made to help farmers than the governments in different states and the centres too. He was embarrassed with the kind of reactions he received, but the calls to thank him and appreciate him effort have not stop.

But what makes him effort a greater gesture is the way in which he went about the whole exercise in showing his care and concern for the farmers was the way he did everything in the most humane way.


He certainly could not meet all the farmers at the one time and so he planned out his own way. He invited seventy select farmers to his office on “Janak” in Juhu and personally handed over the farmers their cheques at the hands of his daughter Shweta. The  farmers looked dazed at as the function went on and some of them even openly cried in disbelief and either kept silent or kept singing the praises of Amitabh and blessing him.

Amitabh did not stop with presenting the cheques but also organised some very good lunch for all of them. He had put his entire staff on duty only for this particular event and they followed his orders and did everything possible to make the often-neglected farmers feel special.

Earlier, he had made arrangements to bring them to Mumbai in the compartment if a train reserved only for them. In Mumbai, he organised a luxury bus to take them all around Mumbai and when they had finished their sight-seeing, he made sure that they all had their dinner packed in a perfect way so that they could eat their dinner whenever they wanted during their long journey back.

He has made all the arrangements to see that  all the farmers received the money they needed to relieve them of the loans they were loaded with.

Amitabh has said that it was not a job he could do all by himself and exhorted all Indians to make efforts to helped farmers who he described as ”the life of the country”.

However, as usual he also had his critics who couldn’t see his humanitarian gesture in the right spirit and some small political parties have even issued unveiled threats to protest against his action. They have said that Amitabh has made all his money in Maharashtra and he should have helped the farmers of Maharashtra first. This kind of criticism will go on like it has in everything he has done, but knowing him as I do, I don’t think he will stop doing the good work he has always made it a point to do. According to a source, Amitabh has other bigger plan to help farmers, the war widows and the drought-hit areas of the country.

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