The wonderful ways how some girls grow up to be mature and mellow women, wives their husbands cannot stop being proud of, mothers worth worshipping, women who set examples for other girls to follow if they have to leave meaningful lives and leave their delicate but strong footsteps behind, become land marks and even mile stones in the history of time

So much talk only because I have been thinking of the fascinating woman, Kajol long before I began my day today

Kajol, I always wonder why it has always been Kajol and not Kajal, I think it was destined to be like that because this Kajol was not to be like the Kajal and Kajal walking all over, being just faces in the crowd and living meaningless lives

Kajol came to Hindi films with a very strong family background, her grand mother, Shobhana Samarth, a gorgeous goddess of her time, her aunt, Nutan, one of the greatest actresses of Indian cinema, and actress way ahead of her time, her mother, Tanuja, a talent never explored the way it should have

Kajol made a beginning with ‘Bekhudi’ with Saif Ali Khan as her hero, Saif was out but she was outstanding, she let her sparks flow in all directions

Kajol survived on the sheer strength of her talent alone, she signed films and regretted signing them till she signed ‘DDJL’ and played Simran to be remembered for all time

She then played some powerful female roles in films which had no power to make them or mark them as special

Till she teamed up with the one -time action hero, Ajay who had grown into one of the most powerful and sensitive actors, a man in a class of his own


The two did several films together and discovered how they were made for each other, fell in love, got married and became a star couple to envy, a couple which could prove it was possible to live in love under the most difficult circumstances.

Kajol took a break from films and played the best roles of her life as Ajay’s husband and the mother of her their children

Kajol came back with ‘Fanaa’ and then in her husband’s own film, ‘U Me aur Hum’ and was accepted as one of the best actresses in the last three decades or more

She is the most powerful young actress today with the potential to beat all that was in the past, all that is in the present and all that will come in the future, the ‘Kajol’ (kohl) in the eyes of all those and all times who care for and respect talent

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