BANNER: Swiss Entertainment
PRODUCER: Pradeep Sharma
DIRECTOR: Jasmine Moses D’souza
CAST: Sunny Leone, Tanuj Virwani, Nyra Banerjee

STORY: One Night Stand is a romantic thriller film high on erotic quotient, but claims to offer a message to the public.

CRITICAL ANALYSIS: One Night Stand starts off with a flashback that’s being narrated by Urvil (Tanuj Virwani). Urvil and his colleagues go on a drinking spree to celebrate their recent event. It is here that his friends challenge him to speak to a rank stranger (Sunny Leone) for a few thousand rupees. An attempt to win the bet gets him introduced to the stranger who, in turn, introduces herself as Celina. What follows after that, is unlimited liquor drinking by the two of them, which ultimately lands them up in bed together. He gets back to Pune and things are absolutely smooth between Urvil and his wife, until one day he accidentally spots Celina in the same mall wherein he has gone for shopping with his wife Simran. That very sight of Celina freshens up his ‘one night stand’ with her, which, in turn, gets translated into his desperation to meet her again. The film rides on the shoulders of Sunny Leone, whose sincere efforts in putting up a good performance, shows in the film. Her role in the film is definitely a big departure from her earlier parts, which were more focused towards skin show and titillations. As for Tanuj Virwani, even though he does justice to his character, there are places wherein his struggle to get the right expressions become very evident.

TRADE ANALYSIS: The film might bring in audience over the weekend just for Sunny Leone. Music of the film is already a hit among the audience which may further attract some audience.

At the box office, the film may perform well with multiplex audience.

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