ROHIT JUGRAJ confident about the success of ‘ARJUN PATIALA’!

Tell us something about yourself.
I have made successful films in Hindi like ‘James’, ‘Superstar’, etc and have a record of making three super hit films in Punjabi. I have assisted makers like Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
How was ‘Arjun Patiala’ conceptualized ?
I always wanted to make a full fledged comedy especially a spoofy comedy which has never been made in Hindi films like a buddy buddy bro-romance kind of a film. I am a great fan of Hrishida and Basuda’s films and I have attempted to make this comedy .Thanks to producer Dinesh Vijan who was co-operation personified and went all the way to give us what we wanted to make a full fledged comedy.
How did you cast for the film?
We wanted a good comedy star and it was always Diljeet Dosanjh for me in the main lead and Varun Sharma was a natural choice to gel with his comic timing with Diljeet and Kriti had worked with Dinesh Vijan in ‘Lukka Chhupi’ before and they shared a good understanding and she came on board. They all have done very well in this film.
Do you find anything different in the Punjabi industry and Hindi film industry?
Punjabi industry is still in its nascent stage and the business is only in Punjab and some pockets of North and now the overseas market is picking up but the budgets of filmmaking and promotions for Punjabi films is very less than Hindi films.
Whats next?
I have a female oriented full fledged action film on the anvil and after that I will do a rom- com.

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