How did your cinematic journey begin?

I began by assisting Vidhu Vinod Chopra , my brother and learnt filmmaking entirely from him and there was a subject which I wanted to do earlier but Vidhu didn’t like it and so in a huff I walked out and went for some outdoors and then wrote an original and novel script which fortunately Vidhu liked and helped to fund the film for me.


Isn’t the subject a bit bold for Indian audiences?

Not at all. The audiences want good content  today and the content in my film is very original and good so that the audiences would like it definitely . Some love stories are not simple, Sweety (played by Sonam Kapoor) is one such story. She has to contend with her over-enthusiastic family that wants to get her married, a young writer who is completely smitten by her, a secret that she harbors close to her heart and ultimately the truth that her true love might not find acceptance in her family and society. Resolving these issues proves hilarious, touching and life changing. Sweety is lesbian and has to convince her family and her father, Balbir (Anil Kapoor), who has blind faith in his daughter. Rajkumar Rao, who is a well wisher more than anything else, decides to be the good friend and help her convince her family. There are a lot of arguments that happen between Sweety and her family


How did you cast for the film?

I always had Sonam Kapoor in mind for the lead role and when I narrated the subject to her ,  she was totally bowled over and when I expressed my desire to cast her real life father as her father in the film, she spoke to Anil Kapoor  Sir and he came on board on the film and the film looks good for both of them .


What is the rest of the cast like?

Juhi Chawla, Akshay Oberoi, Rajjkumar Rao, Brajendra Kala, Seema Pahwa etc.


Is there any scope for music?

Yes. Rochak has composed a very good musical score and there is a remix of the song Ek Ladki Ko Aisa Dekha which is a chartbust


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