‘‘SP Chauhan is a Family Entertainer’’

Sp Chauhan is a biopic on the life of Mr. SP Chauhan who inspite of all odd surrounding and a child who struggled so hard to reach on the top. since his childhood he saw his all the relatives were drunken and were doing certain wrong things but he never allowed him self to indulge into such practice.
It is a big example before us, where a child of a farmer who started his life on the path of truth and with lots of hard ship he reaches to the top without any compromised on the principals though the film teaches us lots of lessons how to save your self from not being crupt, at every step of life there is a chance of slippery atmosphere and every chance of fall out. The makers have kept in mind film is a entertaining medium and with preaching it should be entertaining has cast in the film very skilled and entertaining star cast Jimmy Sheirgill performed Character of SP Chauhan and Yuvika Chaudhry performed character of Mrs. Seema SP Chauhan Both the actor has performed so well and realistic to the character of SP Chauhan, that when SP Chauhan and his wife saw the trail of the film, they were in tears of seening performance of the lead star cast, also in the film are Vijay Kumar Dogra, Deepak Mor, ashpal Sharma and. Produced Mayank Raghav, Cinematography. The Music reminds you of sweet melodies of 1980 – 90 where music was very meaning full. In the film music has been given by Vibhas Arora who has given very meaning full music. Tunes are pappy and gives you much relief, the singer are Sonu Nigam, Palakh Muchhal, Ranjeet Baba, Harsh deep, Sunidhi Chauhan which has lots of , Writer and Director Manoj K Jha who has Dharti Writer(2011), Paan Singh Tomar Second Unit Director or Assistant Director (2012), Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi Writer (2015). The Film Give us many messages that truth will lead us to the success and greed always leads us to the worst. Richness lies in the love, affection and sacrifice and not only with the wealth. the film deals with casteism, drugs, patriotism, women empowered. It is a Family film where whole family can sit together and watch this film with a proud.

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