The way some chowkidaars are reaching new heights, it will soon be time when young men who would once have aimed to be doctors, engineers and lawyers would clamour to be chowkidaars like lakhs of young men are taking to be chaiwalas in the hope of becoming a neta like the one who has been ruling the country four and a half years and is dreaming of being the neta of the country till 2050, atleast.
It is the success stories of such chowkidaars and chaiwalas that makes life interesting for me. I have been a witness to such stories for half a decade. And in recent times, if there is one story of a chowkidaar who has entered the homes of people who feel it is their honour to have the one time chowkidaar not guarding their homes but is a part of their homes, it is an amazing actor called Nawazuddin Siddiqui…..
The way Nawazuddin has grown from being a chowkidaar and graduating to live in the house of one of his seniors from the National School of Drama with his rent being only to cook for his senior. It has taken Nawazuddin nineteen long years and all kinds of grim struggles to now be known as an actor who has the habit of coming up with one fascinating role after another, the latest being what he himself feels is his most challenging role as the Hindu Hriday Samrat and the late Shiv Sena Supremo, Balasaheb Thackeray, the man whose one word shook up the whole of Maharashtra and created strong waves all over the country. It was a very difficult role to play for any actor, especially because Bal Thackeray is a name that noone who has had anything to do with Maharashtra of the recent years will not dare to say that he or she has never heard about him and is extraordinary and electrifying ways of giving politics a new dimension. The trailer of ‘Thackeray’ is already the talk in every circle of life and if there is one reason why it is so, it is because of the striking resemblance between Bal Thackeray in real life and the way Nawaz has made Thackeray come alive. The hardwork and dedication Nawaz has put into playing (living) the role is reason why the once chowkidaar is now known as one of the best actors in the country and who has literally given the big Khans and Kumars a massive complex. What the future of Nawaz as a star-actor will be largely depends on what he does in‘Thackeray’. The family of Thackeray and his close aides are very satisfied with what Nawaz has done as a tribute to Thackeray, but Nawaz knows and all those who know what good or great acting will pass the ultimate judgement on Nawaz on the morning the biopic is released on which also depends how Republic Day is celebrated among the large majority of Indians, especially in these days when India is gearing up to face the elections in 2019…..
At this stage when Nawaz is ranked among the best of actors, it would be interesting to know how this actor did not think twice about the strength of his abounding talent when he even agreed to play an ordinary constable in John Matthew Mathen’s ‘Sarfarosh’, a petty thief in ‘Munnabhai MBBS ‘and in some of the lesser known and flop films of Ram Gopal Varma. It was during this good enough time in his career that he did a short film called ‘Bypass’ which proved to be a real bypass in his career which was followed by films like ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’in which he was outstanding, ‘Badlapur’in which he lived the character so well that very few could know that he was Nawazuddin Siddiqui and films like ‘Talaash’ , ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’and ‘Raees’……
In his nearly twenty year old career, he has also had the unique opportunity of working with all the three major Khans, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan and has not let them over power his talent.
But, why in heaven’s name does such a gift of an actor do a film like ‘Genius’? He may have many answers to this question, “like paapi pet ka sawal hai”, but this answer doesn’t suit a genius of an actor like him

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