It is strange how some people are claiming to have been very close to the Shiv Sena Supremo Balasaheb Thackeray, especially during the promotions of the biggest made on him with Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing Thackeray and now after the film being a massive hit at least in Maharashtra.
The latest to have this privelage seems to be Sanjay Dutt, if what he has said in an interview is true.
Sanjay, in the interview says that his late mother Nargis Dutt was very close to Balasaheb, who she said was,“like a brother to her”and had even adviced Sanjay to depend on Balasaheb who she called,“the Wagh”(the tiger) whenever he was in any trouble and needed help.
This claim of Sanjay sounds a little shaky, because Sunil Dutt who was a staunch Congressman was naturally a political rival of Thackeray who had done his best to see that Dutt was defeated in the elections to the Lok Sabha from North Bombay West but saw his ambition mingled with the dust everytime Dutt was the candidate of the Congress….
The tables however turned when Sanjay got involved in the Mumbai bomb blast case. Sunil Dutt being the father of Sanjay tried everything possible to get Sanjay out of trouble, but his efforts continued to fail. He was a very disturbed man and had even wanted to resign as the M.P.
It was when he was losing all hope that his colleague and friend for more than forty years, Rajendra Kumar asked him to meet Thackeray. Dutt was reluctant, but he agreed to meet Thackeray who he knew since he was a cartoonist with the Free Press Journal. They had a long talk and Thackeray told Dutt that he would see that Sanjay would be out of the Arthur Road Jail.
Thackeray kept his promise and saw that Sanjay was out (how he did it is a mystery no one has been able to solve like most of the other similar cases treated by him) but Sanjay was out. He was taken out in a procession that evening and the procession first stopped at the Siddhivinayak temple and then on Dutt’s orders, the procession led to Thackeray’s iconic residence, ‘Matoshree’to thank Thackeray for all that he had done and according to Sanjay, Thackeray recieved him like a son
Sanjay has also claimed that Thackeray exchanged talks with him while he was in jail everyday and lovingly called him ‘Sanjya’. There is no way to find out the whole truth because both Thackeray and Sunil Dutt are dead now. What the relationship between Sanjay and Uddhav Thackeray is today is not known, but Sanjay who generally keeps out of politics these days is a good friend of Raj Thackeray who is an open rival of Uddhav. It is difficult to say what happens and what doesn’t once you are involved in the game of politics.

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