The contrast could not have been starker. On one hand you have hope and on the other hatred. The petition of hope and positivity, now signed by nearly 1500 artistes and professionals cutting across various lines, pledged to re-elect our Prime Minister for a strong, forward looking, and prosperous India. It was issued in response to a highly negative and judgmental petition ‘purportedly’ signed by some well-known and much celebrated new age retards of the film industry.
Some of the ‘hate petitioners’ also brought out a video message, oozing with venom, bigotry, and baseless innuendoes against our Prime Minister. They claimed that there wouldn’t be elections in India. If Narendra Modi won in 2019, the Constitution and various democratic institutions will be destroyed, and the country will turn into an authoritarian state. The regular refrain of ‘intolerance’, ‘fascism’ and all kinds of copycat vocabulary was used to draw a dismal picture of the state of our nation.
The state of despair these retards keep talking about exists only in their hate-filled heads. The nation is marching ahead; it’s far more tolerant & inclusive than ever before in its history. How can we forget that in this industry actors and actresses had to change their names to find acceptance in the land of Gandhi, Nehru, and Abul Kalam Azad? Today, in Modi Raj, they flaunt their religions and lineage on their foreheads.
The Modi era has also seen the kind of democratic glasnost never seen before. All institutions of democracy, including the fourth pillar, acted freely, and even trampled upon the turf of the executive with impunity. The Prime Minister kept mum over such blatant subversion. The Chief Ministers of opposition run states create their own fiefdoms; let their murderous cadre lose on their political opponents. Yet Narendra Modi, the staunch federalist, didn’t censure them for their heinous deeds. If you want to know what fascism actually looks like, go to West Bengal where the cadre of the ruling dispensation don the uniform of paramilitary forces, carry guns, and openly rig the election process.
The Supreme Court of India also exercised absolute freedom in Modi Raj, delivered one exceptional judgment after another; its Judges washed their dirty linen in public, feuded with the Chief Justice because he didn’t let them adjudicate over the cases of their choice. An eminent jurist warned Narendra Modi that his opponents would try to use judiciary to destabilize his government. He still followed the convention and appointed one of the warring judges the CJI.
Both the houses of Parliament created history. They enacted path-breaking laws with TOTAL CONSENSUS. This included the passage of the GST Act that was called Gabbar Singh Tax outside the house by a worthy dynast after his party and he voted for it within the house.
No subject under the sun was taboo for film making under Modi dispensation. This was unprecedented. Bollywood filmmakers can make films with a Muslim hero romancing a Hindu heroine in their stories now. It was unthinkable just a few years ago. No writer and filmmaker were arrested for criticizing and abusing the Prime Minister of India. Actually, Modi critics are doing far better in his regime. Their films easily get CBFC certificates. It’s the ‘so-called’ bhakts who have a hard time defending their freedom of expression.
The ‘Hate Modi Campaign’ didn’t work in 2014. We hope and pray it fails yet again in 2019 far more resoundingly. The nation needs a strong government and a decisive incorruptible leader to lead our people to realising their glorious destinies.

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