How was the film conceptualized?
I had read about the great Lalbahadur Shastrijee , the second Prime Minister of Independent India but not much is known about him and his death in Tashkent is still a big mystery and not much is known about his mysterious death and I felt that I had to explore this idea and make a film which explores the reasons about the mysterious death in Tashkent after signing the peace accord with Pakistan after the surrender of Pakistan to India.And I had to research a great deal as not much material is available on Shastrijee.
How did you cast for the film?
For the investigative journalists role I needed someone young and looking like an intellectual, and Shweta Prasad Basu fitted the role and for Mithunjee’s role I was keen on casting him after seeing him in ‘Guru’ and as for the rest of the cast I needed veterans and so I casted VN Badola, Prakash Belwadi, Mandira Bedi, Pankaj Tripathi, Pallavi Joshi, etc and they all have done a wonderful job including Vinay Pathak, Asif Mandvi, etc.
What message do you want to give from this film?
I wanted to let the audiences know about the greatness about Shashtrijee and wanted to let know the audiences that there was a possibility that Shastrijee could have been poisoned and murdered.
How much is your wife Pallavi’s contribution to the film?
She has played a wonderful role of a handicapped historian and she was all the time in casting and producing the film. She deserves a lot of credit for the film.

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