We welcome the opening of ‘Heaven’ in ‘heaven on the Earth’ called Kashmir

It’s a very important piece of news. As per sundry reports that have come in ‘Heaven’ cinema of Anantnag district in south Kashmir, has been refurbished and renovated and is all set to be opened to public. A special show of ‘Uri’ was organized for our CRPF jawans post its renovation and refurbishing. The cinema hall has been shut since the past 30 years.

This is a welcome development. It also points to the fact that the people of the insurgency hit district want normalcy to return to valley. They are fed up of Pakistan supported terrorism. They want Kashmir to be what it is, a heaven on the Earth and all attempts to turn it into a hell by an enemy nation have failed.

Jammu and Kashmir is integral part of India and it will remain so. If internal and external enemies of our nation think otherwise, they are mistaken. The whole nation is united behind our great leader and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who has repeatedly said that the strongest response to our enemy is to work harder and enjoy life with doubled up enthusiasm and gusto.

We cannot withdraw in a cocoon of fear.  That’s what our enemies will like us to do. The ‘josh’ must remain high and the cries of Vande Mataram and Jaihind should reverberate across the length and breadth of our nation in all walks of life and we must work harder to build a new India into a land of peace, and prosperity.

It’s also the time to wear the patriotism in our hearts on our sleeve. No harm in flaunting it loudly and clearly. Some among us look askance and term it as jingoism. We need not pay heed to such ‘negative’ voices. Patriotism is good and ennobling and enlivening. It makes us rise above our narrow self-interests. It’s particularly good for the film fraternity that is full of self-serving individuals. It’s an opportunity for them to stand in solidarity with their people and our armed forces.

The opening of ‘Heaven’ is a path-breaking event. It signals the return of normalcy in J&K. It also demonstrates the supreme resolve of the Indian state to bring back the glorious, vibrant and colorful days of the valley of flowers, lakes, and gardens the heavenly and heady aroma of which was experienced by the world through the romantic eyes and poetic minds of Indian filmmakers and storytellers. Indian cinema has always played a key role in uniting the people of India and showcasing various hues of our cultural mosaic to audiences across the globe.

We need to push such initiatives in the northeastern region as well and open multiplexes there. Going out and watching a film in a cinema hall adds to our sense of fraternity and acts as an effective deterrent to the enemies of our nation who consistently try to widen the ancient fault-lines in our body politic. That’s why they attack cinema halls first since it’s a symbol of life, social harmony and celebration as opposed to their devious and hateful jihadi and separatist agenda of death, destruction, and discard.

We are not a society that dwells over negatives for very long. We move on with life. We are inherently positive people. We have an enormous capacity to reform, rejuvenate, reinvigorate, and rebound. Hundreds of years of constant iconoclastic attacks on our culture and lifestyle have not killed our spirit. Our vibrant pluralism and diversity has survived those devastating onslaughts. Indian cinema symbolizes that undying spirit. We don’t believe so much in the ‘heaven’ beyond since we are capable of creating heaven here on the Earth that makes gods envious of us.

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