She was like a plaything in the hands of the press when she first landed in Bombay at the age of fourteen and had a room at the Ajanta Hotel in Juhu where she was visited by anyone and everyone because she had created an image of being a sex doll or a ‘black buffalo’and,“ an ugly duckling, especially after she had done a long kissing scene with the actor Biswajeet. She did not know how to manage her career or the press and made several mistakes for which she had to pay a heavy price, especially by playing into the hands of the press.
She became a marked victim of the gossip or yellow press after the stories of her affairs with Kiran Kumar (Kin Kin), Vinod Mehra (Vin Vin, who she is said to have even married, but who died when he was only in his forties) The press went haywire when she suddenly took a decision to marry a young businessman from Delhi, Mukesh Aggarwal who was found hanging from the ceiling fan two days after their marriage and Rekha flew from Delhi to Udaipur to shoot for some violent scenes for a film called ‘Phool Banne Angaarey’ where the entire press was waiting for her but she together with her tough secretary Farzana Jaffrey managed to keep the press away. This writer was the only one Rekha spoke to for four days and told him her whole story which included the story about ‘Him’ or ‘God'(both referring to Amitabh Bachchan)
She had banned the press even when she was supposed to be having a brief affair with Raj Babbar.
The press saw her at her worst during the shooting of ‘Mr Natwarlal’ and ‘Ram Balram’ in Mahabaleshwar. The press had arrived in hordes and were busy with their evening sessions when the producer Tito came to the press with bottles of Scotch and asked the PR man to take the press for a day-long boat ride in the lake at Mahabaleshwar and begged of the press not to come anywhere near both his sets as both Amitabh and Rekha had threatened him that they would not shoot for his films even if the press came anywhere near where they were shooting. The press had to come back without any story and some of them even lost their jobs for this big mistake they had made by losing such a great opportunity.
Rekha’s war continued. She was to start shooting for a new film in Hyderabad called‘Aasha Jyothi’with Rajesh Khanna who was facing bad times. The press from Bombay was invited by the producer, Kovai Chezian who was also a strong politician. Rekha saw the crowd of the press from her window and called the director, Dasari Narayan Rao who used to shoot seven films in a day and told him what was on her mind
Rao came down with a silk on his face and called the PR man who was the same man in Mahabaleshwar. He was asked to take the press away and give them whatever they wanted but see that they were not seen anywhere near Rekha. Rajesh Khanna who was aware of the happening passed a cynical comment against the press when he said,“I would not let myself be humiliated like this by that women”. The press had no way out but leave the Annapurna Studios, but the producer was in a state of shock from which he never recovered and to add to his misery, his film with Rekha was a very big flop and as if that was not punishment enough for him, he lost the elections a little after the film was released and in another one month the powerful politician who wanted to be a powerful filmmaker died of a broken heart.
Rekha still keeps her distance from the press and had also taken a vow that she would not let any journalist write a biography about her and her writing an autobiography,“will happen only in my next life, if there is a next life for me.”

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