(There are writers, old and new, who still believe that Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha can be teamed again)

In the last decade or so, I must have met any number of genuine, not so geniune and genuinely fake writers who still hold this one precious dream close to their hearts. They still live with their dream of their various ideas of teaming up Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha coming true and what I cannot understand is what their being sensible (?) and sensitive (?) writers is their not willing to give up hope in their dreams which I feel it’s the only thing that they are living for. Why can’t they understand that everything and everyone has a time when they have all the reasons to rule and once that time passes, it is very, extremely very difficult to bring them back, I can go to the extent of saying that it cannot happen even if God wants it to happen……

But, what can I or anyone do about these learned, enlightened and men and women with high-flying imaginations who refuse to stop working on one script after another on which they say they spend several months and even years to write. They are busy imagining all kinds of permutations and combinations have Amitabh and Rekha in a film somehow, sometime and there is no one, I think who can make them understand the truth about this situation which even God creates only once in a way…..

True, Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha were newcomers once and worked in different films with different partners. They then saw fate bring them together and all those who saw them bringing the feelings of love alive like no one else and there was no stopping them. They could with their magic raise even the most ordinary, frivolous and even flamboyant films to new heights only because of the way they could express the feeling of sublime or even divine love with just the way they looked into the eyes of one another, how they lived in a world of their own when they were together and madly in love and how they could sing and dance as if there was no present or future or time had stood still when it was faced with the power of their lives at its blissful best, which could happen only when a man and a woman are passionately in love?

Those who have been witness to the wonders that they worked together as lovers can never ever forget their scenes together in films like“Do Anjaane”,“Mr Natwarlal”,“Muqaddar Ka Sikander”and above all“Silsila”,a story about love, told by an apostle of love (Yash Chopra, who else?) and three individuals caught in one of the most delicate situations love can trap human beings into, however great or small they may be.

The love (?) story of Amitabh and Rekha had its own devotees and followers not only in the masses, but also among the hard-skinned media which thankfully did not run as wild as the media of today runs, eager and even dying to make a mountain out of a mole hill, the same media that has created and destroyed so many love stories because of their playing all kinds of games with their love, the kind of games that can play havoc with even those who are in love knowing the meaning of love.

It was all well after Amitabh and Rekha had done“Silsila”as their last film together. For some time it even seemed like the love story (?) had become a part of history. But all it took to revive the interest in the story were two statements made by Amitabh and Rekha. Amitabh told the hungry media that he would be willing to work with her if she was willing to work with her and Rekha made an identical statement. These statements, I am not sure whether they were made it not have ignited the fire in so many writers and that is the only reason they are banging at their laptops and wracking their minds to come up with some stories which they feel could appeal to the two great actors who in a magical moment may agree to work together.

But can’t these writers know that the magic of Amitabh and Rekha was a different kind of magic which worked at a particular time and that magic cannot be worked again.

And the practical thing is that Amitabh is seventy-six now and is busy at least for the next two years and Rekha is not showing any interest in signing any new films. And moreover most subjects which could be made with actors at their age have already been made. I am just stating the truth as I see it. The rest is in the hands of God or fate or the two extraordinary human beings who are invoice in this story which I strongly feel is told only once and cannot be written or told again or at anytime.

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