How to Turn Your Garden Hose Into A Pressure Washer


While buying a property that’s as long as 100ft, remember to consider that you’ll need to clean that property. The usual cleaning process with your hands inside the home is not the same as outside. There’s no way you can conveniently scrub outdoors correctly. Somewhere along the line, you’ll get exhausted and have to stop, leaving the floor half clean and half dirty. What you can do instead of cleaning with your bare hands is to use a pressure washer for the cleaning. Using a pressure washer makes the job easier and more effective. However, the initial investment to buy a pressure washer is usually a big issue.

A pressure washer isn’t one of those expensive machines in stores worldwide. When you compare the functions, features and benefits of a pressure washer to its price range, you’ll realize that they’re not equal. However, not everyone has enough income to afford a pressure washer, no matter how cheap it gets. Sometimes, it’s not about the price but the scale of preference. There may be other needs that are more important than a pressure washer. If you don’t want to buy a pressure washer, but you have by chance have access to a garden hose, then maybe you don’t need a pressure washer. You can convert your garden hose into a pressure washer. Of course, the conversion wouldn’t be as accurate as of the real pressure washer, but it will serve its purpose. You can follow these easy steps to convert your garden hose into a pressure washer;

Get All materials needed

To convert your garden hose into a pressure washer, you will need some materials. Basically, what you will need are the hose and a spray gun. One thing to know is the pressure coming from the hose is what you will use for pressure washing through the weapon. That way, both the gun and the hose need to be prepared beforehand.

Check the water hose properly

Before connecting the water hose and the gun, you have to check the water hose properly. Over time, your garden hose may have gone through some surfaces, and it may have certain holes around it. Also, the garden hose may have, over time, packed together with some debris that will hinder the flow of water inside the hose. You have to check and ensure your garden hose is in the optimal position.

Get an appropriate nozzle and connect

To convert the hose to a pressure washer, you need a nozzle connected to the hose. Usually, the hose is an outlet that connects to a nozzle. But both hose and nozzles have different sizes, and each will not work with the wrong size. Therefore, you have to ensure that your nozzle size and the hose size are the same. In most cases, you will need to reduce the length of the hose to maintain pressure. The longer your hose is, the more the pressure in the hose reduces.


To set up the nozzle and hose properly, you need to have the suitable sizes. You can follow the process in this guide.


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