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HOMAGE TO MOHAN KUMAR Yesterday our leading filmmaker Mohan Kumar ji passes away leaving behind a rich legacy

It is not very easy to describe a man who has some extraordinary
achievements to his credit after working as a filmmaker in this industry.
It is more difficult when one talks about a giant of a filmmaker like Mohan Kumar who passed away in the early hours of November 10.
He was considered to be a very strong and healthy man with a healthy mind suddenly fell sick some two years ago and his condition kept getting worse with time with him suffering from a number of complicated ailments and in spite of all the best doctors treating him , he peacefully died at the Nanavati Hospital. It was only a few months ago that his bungalow in Juhu had made way for an apartment to come up.

He started his career as a director in the early Fifties and went on to found Emkay Films, his own banner under which he made more than fifteen major films. He was known as a master at making films that were both entertaining and enlightening with a strong message and a very good sense of good music.

Among the films he will be better remembered for are –Aas Ka Panchhi, Anpadh, Ayee Milan Ki Bela, Aap ki Parcchaiyan, Amar, Avtar, Amrit, Amba, Amir Garib, and he finally gave up directing films and introduced his son Rohit Kumar as the hero of his film Aazmayish and his last film as a producer was Aap Mujhe Ache Lagne Lage which was directed by Vikram Bhatt and did not do well which led him to take a long break till he fell sick.

He considered himself to be a story-teller who used cinema as a medium to tell his stories as he felt films made a bigger impact on a larger audience. At any given time, he could narrate any number of stories, one more interesting than the other and among those who loved listening to his stories was the emperor of acting, Dilip Kumar. They met every week and spent long hours together. He wanted to make a film with his idol, but it was not to be. He also had plans to direct Amitabh Bachchan and had even announced a film called “Aaghaaz aur Anjaam” which also couldn’t go beyond the announcement.

Kumar had the rare privilege to direct the internationally renowned philosopher Lord Bertrand Russel in his film, Aman which dealt with the after effects of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The film however failed to work at the box office and it was sad to see a part of the audience walking out during the interview scene between Lord Russel and Rajendra Kumar which was about nuclear war and the consequences.

He was of the industry and yet out of it. He had a very good family life with his wife and his two sons, Gautam and Rohit. He believed that it was very essential to have a peaceful life at home if one had to concentrate on any kind of creative and constructive work.

In his passing has passed away an era when films were not merely considered “Masala” or “Tamasha”. He believed in making films with a purpose and preferred to stay at home rather than change with the changing times which he could not adapt to. The industry will go on and on, but filmmakers like Mohan Kumar can happen only once.

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