8 Stellar Vape Advice all Vapers should know


Being accustomed to using vaporizing machines in your everyday life, Vapers need to know how to manage their vaping machines and vaping routines to optimize their experience.

The truth, however, is that rarely do Vapers know how to make the most of the use and life of their vaping machines effectively.

This article considers a few timely tips all Vapers should know about.

Advice#1: Keep the Vape Device clean

Keeping your vape machine’s tank clean can enhance the life and flavors of your vaping experience. The tank should be cleaned every once a month. Most often while you’re changing its e-liquid. This can be done by simply using warm water to wash it off. As the tank of the vape device often has residue coating its inner walls, which can affect the quality of both the experience and its overall life.

 Advice#2: Multiple Vape Flavors

Vape has a variety of flavors, and many vape wholesale providers can easily provide you with this facility to choose among them. This is necessary because, at times, Vapers get what is called a Vaper’s tongue. That’s where your taste buds can’t taste the same flavor anymore. It is normal and lasts only a few days for the vape flavor your currently using.

Advice#3: Vape Storage

When Bulk buying, it’s crucial to know how to keepsake your wholesale collection of vape flavors. If not done right, your e-liquid can lose its flavor. Generally, vape liquids have a long life; however, keeping them in heated areas or direct sunlight can impact their content.

Advice#4: Vapers and Hydration

We talked about Vaper’s tongue and how changing flavors can slightly reduce the temporary effect of our glands needing a break. Here we provide another solution to minimize its impact: Water intake.

It’s also required to keep yourself hydrated because vaping increases the pace of water absorption from your body because of a component called Propylene Glycol in its manufacturing. This component makes your mouth feel dryer and your body dehydrated.

Advice#5: Keep Extra batteries for your Vape experience

Many vape devices do not have multiple mods for their battery, whereas some carry more. If your vape device is among the former, you would have to charge the device and wait. As the battery consumption is quick, we recommend carrying another battery to decrease the wait.

Advice#6 Know your Ratio

Vape devices and their e-juices all generate a different potency of their smoke; this is the PG/VG ratio. The hits you get from your vape are, therefore, determined on the ratio of the e-liquid and should match with your preference. Should it be denser, thicker, slower, or stronger?

Knowing your vaping preference and aligning the ratio with it can save you from an unpleasant vaping experience.


These are some tips that many Vapers come to learn with time, mostly after they’ve had a few uneventful misses and falls. To ensure your experience isn’t sullied, integrate these practices into your everyday vaping routine.


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