All You Need To Know Before You Get Your Infant A Pillow


One thing that has been discussed many times about children is whether or not they need pillows in their cribs.  The debate has been going on for a while, with the main reason for wanting pillows for infants being, they sleep all day. If an adult needs a pillow while sleeping, then so should an infant, right? While that might have led to many shops advertising baby pillows for sale, there is more to it than meets the eye. There are various things you need to think about before you get your infant a pillow. Here are the top ones.

What type of pillow will you get them?

The one thing you should look at before anything else is the kind of pillow you plan on getting them. Babies, in general, do not need pillows like adults.  If you know the kind of pillows available for infants, you are better placed in getting a pillow that works.  Here are the main things you should look at when it comes to getting your baby pillow.

1. Breastfeeding pillow

One of the important pillows your infant will need is a breastfeeding pillow. It makes it easier for you, the mother, to hold your baby, which can also latch well. It ensures that none of you gets tired, especially when the baby is breastfeeding for a long time. The pillow can also come in handy for when the child starts to sit up, but that will be later on as they grow. The pillow forms an important part of their growth.

2. Baby lounger

If you do not want to use your breastfeeding pillow as a lounger, you can get a baby lounger pillow.  It comes in handy when you want to hang out with the baby outside their crib. The pillow has a small dent in the middle where you place your baby. With this pillow, your baby gets almost to sit up and will learn how to sit up faster.

3. The age of the child

While the pillows above are a good addition to your child’s nursery, your child is not ready for a pillow yet. As an infant, they are at risk of SIDS. If you let them sleep with a pillow, then they might end up choking at night. The best thing you can do is ensure they have a firm mattress and then get them a tightly fitting sheet. It will prevent any choking from happening.

4. Reason for getting the pillow

Most new parents are afraid of their babies getting flat head syndrome. While it might seem like a huge issue, it doesn’t have to be that way. All you have to do is turn your baby from time to time, so they rest on different areas of their head. Should the head shape change, you can talk to your paediatrician, who will help you develop a solution for the flathead. Do not go for a pillow just yet.

 Last words

Taking care of an infant can be daunting. There are so many instances that you will buy things you do not need if you are not keen. When it comes to pillows, ensure you look at their usability from an infant’s point of view. That way, you get them what they need and not what you want.


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