Friday, March 23, 2018
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Banner:  Ajiveena Films & Entertainment
Producer : Jogesh Sehdeva
DIRECTION: Jogesh Sehdeva
  Jogesh Sehdeva, Rahuul Aamath, Eklovey Kashyap, Nirnay Sehdeva etc
Rating:  1/5

Narayan is its enthusiastic story where a father fights a baneful fight to get back his abducted son. The film mainly talks about a common man’s determination and quest, his transformation from an overweight middle class man to a ruthless underworld fighter. Its a film from our country’s capital for the people of this country exposing and talking about a world which not many would highlight.
This movie is getting an average response at the box office and people have much better options to watch too. Let, see how much makers are going to get from this movie.


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