Selecting A Blonde Human Hair Wig That Suits Your Face


The blonde human hair wig is trendy. It exists in different types, such as the Blonde Lace Front Wig. The blonde human hair wig consists of quality hair that guarantees various styling options. The critical point to note is that a good hairstyle is essential for appearance. Furthermore, different people look different with various wigs. Therefore, before you buy a wig, you have to consider the shape of your face. Below is a simple guide on selecting a blonde human hair wig that suits your face shape.

A simple guide on selecting a blond human hair wig for your face shape

1.      Blonde human hair wig for heart-shaped faces

Generally, a heart-shaped face has a narrow chin, high-angular cheekbones, and a broad forehead. In short, their face looks like an inverted triangle. The heart-shaped face is perfect for a short bob or crop; the style ensures that the facial features are more pronounced. The bob or face framed human hair wig re-establishes one’s face balance, that is, in terms of facial symmetry. Furthermore, Blonde human hair wigs with long fringes on the forehead can be very flattering for a heart-shaped face person. The type of wigs to avoid is those with a height and fullness at the crown. They will make your face look unproportioned and emphasize your narrow chin.

2.      Blonde human hair wig for oval-shaped faces

People with oval faces are generally well proportioned. It means that their faces are narrow and long. Additionally, their jawline is much smaller in comparison to their hairline. People with oval-shaped faces are very blessed. They can work with any blonde human hair wig. Therefore, the oval face-shaped people have unlimited choices. The only consideration is that it is best to avoid long blunt or heavy bangs. The heavy bangs can make a face look much shorter.

3.      Blonde human hair types for square-shaped faces

People with square-shaped faces have foreheads of the same width as their angular jaw. The best type of wig ensures that their face is narrowed on either side and elongated at the top. Therefore, the wig will ensure that an illusion of your face length is established. Additionally, the best type of blonde human hair wig is one with a wavy style or layered. The wavy style will ensure that one’s face is softened.

Additionally, people with blonde human hair wigs can also go for wigs with long hair and bangs. The type of wigs to avoid is angular and straight wigs. The straight wigs will ensure that your angular face shape is highlighted more.

4.      Round shaped face wigs

People with round-shaped faces have edges that are rounded. Round-shaped faces also have unlimited choices when it comes to wig decisions. The only consideration is to avoid wigs that are away from their faces. Wig styles such as ponytails can make a face more prominent than it is.


The blonde human hair wig is primarily famous because of its color and natural appearance. Therefore, if worn correctly, it can make one look incredible. Different people have various head shapes. Thus, it is essential to pick a wig that suits you best.


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